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The brief of the company

A:  The brief of the company

Nanjing Columbia Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer and supplier in P. R. China of premium quality crystal and glass trophies for the awards and recognition industry since 1996. With more than 20 years of experience, we have constantly been dedicated to providing the finest blanks of Crystal Glass Trophy, Jade Glass Trophy, Art Glass Trophy, and Corporate Glass Gifts.

We are equipped with advanced facilities such as laser engraving machines, three-dimensional depicting , packing, vacuum platting, computer-controlled carving, press, drilling machine, screen printing and so on. All these allow us to offer fully customized products. We have exported our crystal & glass trophies to Europe and America since 1996.

Our elegant presentation boxes (gift boxes) offer a new concept in award presentation. Manufactured to our specifications, these die cut boxes beautifully frame your finished glass awards.

We are committed to being the preferred choice with our customers through consistently supplying the best quality glass trophies and corporate glass gift items at the most competitive price together with qualified service. We look forward to our relationship with your company and wish you success with our product lines.

Our advantages:

Columbia-Crystal.com is a true manufacturer- obtaining raw materials (K-9) at the best possible price and crafting them into exceptional products in our facilities. These cost savings are extended to you, our customer. Meticulous attention to details and "hands-on" production processes mean that our quality is unsurpassed and our pricing is the most appealing in the market place.

We guarantee that products with defects in material or workmanship will be corrected or replaced without charge.

B: The quality 
    1. The glass is transparent white and have no color tint.
    2. There is no visible defect on the surfaces, verges and corners.
    3. There is no bubbles, knots and other visible optical    nonhomogenioses. (It means that pieces must be without any bubbles and inhomogenioses visible with the naked eye.)
    4. Cleanness of the surfaces - 4 class.
    5. The size of bevels - 0.3 +/--0.1mm X 450. 
    6. Roughness of the surface RZ=0.05.
    7. Quality of the surfaces - no more 5 rings per cm in the field distanced more 1mm from the edge. (Check flatness by test flat glass.)
    8. All surfaces must be polished. No visible scratches and mat areas. 
    9. Tolerance for all sizes +0.5 / -1.5 mm. 
    10. Tolerance for the right and other angles +/- 0.12 degree. (In every case difference of the angle from the right angle must not be seen by the naked eye.)
    11. No cut corners.

We guarantee that products with defects in material or workmanship will be corrected or replaced without charge.

Please note that occasional air bubbles, chill marks, and flow lines are a natural occurrence in blown and molded crystal, so that even the finest material may show minor variations from piece to piece.

Caution is always urged in the usage of any glass or crystal object, due to its brittleness and vulnerability to scratching. Careful handling will preserve the beauty of your awards and ensure safety.